An Honorary Committee, presided by Mrs. Aurora Bernárdez widow of Cortázar, which reunites five important figures from the cultural, political and business fields, thus giving prestige and strength to the Chair. On the other hand, the Technical Committee is formed by seven members, all of them belonging to the literary, academic and cultural fields in Latin America. Both committees, when summoned by its General Coordination, get together to evaluate the financial and academic situation of the Chair, therefore planning strategies to gain impact not only in the sphere that is related to the University of Guadalajara, but also expanding it nationally and internationally. The members of the committees are responsible for analyzing proposals of possible invitees, offered by the academic departments of the University. The program is usually configured with at least a year of anticipation.

The University of Guadalajara provides an academic and administrative instance in which the activities of the organization are concentrated: the Center for Latin American Literary Studies Julio Cortázar (CELL), belonging to the Literary Studies Department of the Division of Cultural Studies in the University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities. The Academic Coordination is located within the facilities of the CELL, and is subordinated to the General Coordination, which is in charge of the planning, follow-up and verification of diffusion and teaching within the Chair.